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Isn't it about time you started getting paid for products you endorse?
In today's world you can purchase almost anything directly from your mobile device, buying whatever you want whenever you want it, wherever you are. COSIGN makes purchasing items from social media networks possible by allowing users to "tag" products within the images they upload to social media. Shopping instantly becomes easier as COSIGN eliminates the detective work of trying to find where to buy items you see on social media.
When you COSIGN, you help people get more details about an item or product you've shared on Facebook and Twitter. The best part is that you receive a monetary reward every time your friends purchase an item that you've endorsed!
COSIGN helps users connect with brands and make purchases directly from the media they're viewing within social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. They can now enjoy a shopping experience that includes the convenience of buying in the time, place and manner that best suits their needs. They'll also get more information, like retailer and cost, instantly.
Most companies don't reward consumers for word of mouth marketing, but with COSIGN, your opinion and influence is literally valuable. Why don't you start COSIGNing and let your posts earn you money!
Why don't you start COSIGNing & let your content earn you money!
See How it Works!
1. Snap a pic of your outfit, shoes, or any other product you love.
2. Tag the pic to tell your social network the retailer, designer, and cost of the item using COSIGN.
3. Share the pic on your favourite social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.
4. Earn cash as your friends and followers like, want, and buy your items!
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